Surveyor's Notebook

Murat Kilic Joins Martin & Ottaway

  It is a pleasure to introduce Capt. Murat Kilic as a member of the M&O consultant team. I first met Murat as a client on the construction of two high speed catamarans in Sicily for the Oman National Ferries Corporation. At that time, he was the fleet manager and there were some construction issues… Read more »

Maritime; A Strange Trip. By Bob Burke

Maritime is a strange trip. It is worldwide and at the same time feels like living in a small village where everybody knows everybody. Too often you run into somebody in some random maritime den of inequity and you both go: “Great to see you! Was it 30 years ago we last hung out?” When… Read more »

Zombie Proofing Aberration with Methanol

  The Aberration experiment continues, and I am making almost continuous modifications to Aberration based on operational experience and the availability of new technologies. When I ran the boat to its winter storage at Scarano Boatyard in Albany, the standby diesel generator was smoking a little and this spring I suppose I will have to… Read more »

SHEWAC Aberration

Solar Hybrid Electric Wheelchair Accessible Catamaran (SHEWAC) Aberration has been the subject of discussion on a number of Martin & Ottaway blogs, and also has received some attention in the press. This is the subject landing page for this vessel that chronicles the design, construction, operational experience and upgrades to the vessel.   1.  … Read more »

Engineering/Marine Surveyor position at Martin & Ottaway

  Martin & Ottaway is a well-known maritime engineering consulting firm located in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. The firm covers US East Coast ports from Norfolk, Virginia to Portland, Maine on a daily basis, with additional worldwide assignment on many special projects. The firm is an incorporated partnership that has managed successful ownership transitions since… Read more »

For over 100 years Martin & Ottaway has been assisting maritime clients with complex and cutting edge technical, operational and financial problems. This has resulted in an astonishing experience database. If a maritime company experiences an unusual problem, chances are that Martin & Ottaway can point to a rapid and cost effective solution.

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