Striped Bass Survey

On July 13, I was lucky enough to find myself aboard the 28 foot sport fishing boat “Makowish” out of Montauk, Long Island during a family camping vacation.

I had fished from various vessels in the Montauk party boat fleet for fluke and never quite “fluked” the good fish while those all around me ensured their families were fed. This trip had clear instructions from the expectant hungry campers, “put fish on the grill or you are buying the pizza”.

Happily for all concerned, and due to a mix of hard work by the skipper and great fishing conditions, we landed 3 beautiful striped bass between 22lb and 25lb (yours truly is pictured center with the “smallest”) in addition to numerous hard fighting bluefish.

Quote of the day came as the first of the “Stripers” thumped down onto the decks, “I think we’re gonna need a bigger grill”….

Great day, highly recommended and I look forward to booking up again next year!

Chris B. Law