Recently we were contacted by the son of a past client of Martin & Ottaway from the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Our client, Clifford Barbour, along with William Ottaway and others were all involved in the sale of the “Patria” in 1966 from the Dominican Republic, and her subsequent renovation and reconditioning and renaming as the “Antarna.”

At Mr. Barbour’s son’s request, we found the entire original work file in our historical archives and forwarded it to our client’s family, who had not been in contact with our firm for some four decades, and Mr. Barbour senior got to relive some past memories.

It is these historical records that make Martin & Ottaway a unique asset in the marine industry and is what distinguishes Martin & Ottaway as one of the premier sources to provide valuation and appraisal services for all types of vessels, new, used or historical.