All the Work that Fits a Blog

Since we updated our website with a blog function in 2011, I more or less committed myself to posting a blog each month.

Somehow, I more or less stuck with that commitment, but I just noticed that we did not post a new blog for January 2021. I also noticed that this happens to be my 200th blog.  A strange moment to fail my own commitment.

The only excuse I have is that we have had a very busy January, and I lost track of time.

Overall, I have enjoyed writing the blogs, especially those that I use as a reference when a client has a specific concern or questions, or ones that I can link in a communication to make a point. Often a client is surprised that we actually dealt with their esoteric concerns at some time in the past. That is somewhat frustrating, but for as long as I have worked for Martin & Ottaway I have been aware that many of our clients only know us for doing one or a few particular things.

Everybody on team Martin & Ottaway enjoys the variety of work we do and January 2021 was both typical and maybe a little heavier in volume.

These are the issues that I am aware of that the company has dealt with since the beginning of the new year.

  1. 1. Construction supervision for Security Bond underwriters on the completion of two government vessels
  2. 2. Consultation on building and bulkhead stability for a waterfront property owner during dredge activities
  3. 3. Technical record keeping and analysis on the failure of a main engine T/C EGR system for Owners
  4. 4. Consultation on historical PCB contamination at a shipyard facility
  5. 5. Safety audit on a large recreational craft rental facility
  6. 6. Salvage coordination of a sunk tugboat for H&M
  7. 7. Forensic Analysis of a bridge allision by a big river tow
  8. 8. Repairer’s negligence analysis for subrogation
  9. 9. Bareboat charter damage evaluation for charterers
  10. 10. Blocking failure analysis of a large sailboat for the boatyard
  11. 11. Appraisal of the maintenance and repair program for a Great Lakes ship operator
  12. 12. JH143 Large Shipyard evaluation
  13. 13. Manufacturing facility risk assessment
  14. 14. Container collapses and losses (Many!)
  15. 15. Marina Assessment
  16. 16. Jones Act determination of shipyard equipment
  17. 17. Discharge delays due to alleged crane and stowage problems for P&I
  18. 18. Oil terminal sublease contract review
  19. 19. Forklift personal injury
  20. 20. Another T/C failure for H&M
  21. 21. Large cruise ship company environmental audits
  22. 22. Inclining test
  23. 23. Barge capsize for H&M
  24. 24. A few other engine damages for H&M
  25. 25. A dock damage for vessel operators
  26. 26. An RSA call out on the Great Lakes
  27. 27. Analysis of aluminum vessel antifouling options

There are more that are managed by others in the company, but I am out of time.

They say “busy hands are happy hands” and “variety is the spice of life”. That would make me spicely happy I suppose. Now I have to get back to work.