Brilliant Black

My friend Danny had to take his Black Jack wooden inboard Jersey sea skiff to the Sea Bright NJ Marine Police Barracks to get it titled. David’s Diesel Jeep Cherokee lease was almost up and it had not yet towed anything of substance. Furthermore, it was a nice day, which made it unfair for my dog Harris to just sit beneath my desk or mooch biscuits from Marianne.

So I decided to put it all together and compose it as a “Study in Brilliant Black”.

Three black things and all brilliant in their own way.

Harris, the black black lab/retriever mix, may not be sheepdog brilliant (or even poodle brilliant), but, damn, he is a good dog. To be able to stop at a police barracks, and not to even bother to put the dog on the leash is a level of accomplishment that is rare in dogs. I tell him to sit in a specific location and he just sits there. Brilliant.

The Black Jack is a classic 24 foot Robert Johnson runabout and Capt. Danny’s is black (many were). These boats are quintessential New Jersey shore boats, and even on the trailer it turns heads. Brilliant.

These Black Jacks are not light, but towing it with one of the nicest and best towing vehicles ever made is a joy. Both David and Pierce leased a black diesel Jeep Grand Cherokee. We travel a lot and get the chance to drive lots of cars, but these two cars are the only cars that are a running discussion in our office about how good they are.

Quite possibly there is no better matched SUV package in the world. These vehicles combine class with quiet, smooth, fuel efficient and massive power with 600 mile range in a package that takes my breath away. You have to drive it to believe it. Neither Pierce nor David will get another one of these vehicles because they are no longer made for the US market. Therefore it was a joy to be able to use David’s car to tow the Black Jack. I have towed everything of every size, with every size car and truck and this was the best looking and best performing towing I have ever done. Brilliant!

These pictures are a testament to life’s better things. May we never stop appreciating the better things.  Thank you to those who had a hand in creating them.