Collision and Angle of Blow; Sticking with What Works

While cleaning out files and I came across a 2004 collision that my father, Henk van Hemmen, handled. In the file there was a copy of a survey report on a 1971 collision with an angle of blow determination.

The 1972 report was forwarded to some of the members in the 2004 survey party to show them how to stay organized.┬áHe specifically mentioned that this survey report had also been reviewed and approved as a standard by the United States Salvage Association’s attorneys at Thatcher, Profitt, and Wood. All old names that no longer exist, but apparently my father was convinced that this report was a solid example of survey reporting, and this is why he referred to it in 2004, and why I figured we post it today.

Not to forget the added joy of a Henk van Hemmen sketch as an attachment to the report.

Too often we spend too much time to reinvent the wheel, especially when we are dealing with relatively rare events such as collisions. References to prior occurrences and prior experiences prevent the reoccurence of prior mistakes and confusions. Experience counts in marine surveying.