David Del Corso Joins Martin & Ottaway


It is a pleasure to introduce David Del Corso as a member of the Martin & Ottaway consulting team.

David is a 2015 US Merchant Marine Academy Marine Engineering graduate and, after stints as a ship’s engineer and design engineer, has joined Martin & Ottaway to reinforce the junior engineer echelon.

Martin & Ottaway has survived and thrived since 1875 by carefully nurturing its talent to provide a continuous level of the highest quality of surveying and consulting services. We achieve this by combining deep experience with highly motivated young talent who know that the path to senior engineer status is hard, but deeply satisfying when engaged in new challenges every day.

Those who can sustain the pace will advance to be the next generation at Martin & Ottaway, and we wish David the best for his time with the company.

Since all of us are continuously growing as engineers, we never ignore the knowledge that is brought in by the next generation. We are particularly excited about David’s experience with fuel cells and hope he has a chance to apply it in the marine industry.

David lays out his thoughts on marine fuel cells in this blog.

Link to David Del Corso Resume.