Deep Culture

At Martin & Ottaway occasionaly we see all aspects of our culture come together in a single project. This photo pays witness to such an event.


The Engineering Attitude: We can do this, we have the tools, and we sure don’t need to use the written instructions.

Frugality: Why pay for chair assembly if we have junior staff?

Culture: We have always had rough and tough consultants, chair wear and tear is a fact of life and junior staff always assembles the chairs. As a matter of fact, junior consultant chair assembly is a rite of passage at M&O.

Focus: Wayne is not the least bit interested in what is going on, he is just typing away on his report

Training: Hey, we have an intern (KP’er Catherine Sufficool) why not make her work on this challenging technical project too?

Cultural Inclusiveness: Not one of the more senior engineers was interested in cultural hypocracy by helping out, and with full faith we made deck cadet Catherine work on this challenging technical project too!

Research: Can a deck cadet and a systems engineer actually do this?

Testing: Let’s see if this chair will serve Pierce a little longer than usual.