Happy Anniversary IMO, a Sterling Example of International Cooperation

I joined the industry in 1981 and, before that, remember playing with the tarballs on the Dutch Northsea beaches. Things don’t always get better, but as far as international shipping is concerned, boy, have things improved.

A huge portion of the credit goes to all the hardworking mariners who notice things that are wrong, and then come together from all over the world, and just fix it.

How? Check out this little video IMO at 70.

It pleases me that Martin & Ottaway has been able to contribute its share in that effort, particularly through Jim Dolan’s and Pierce Power’s continuous involvement in IMO regulation development in the last 30 years. Making sausage is messy, but that does not mean that excellent sausage cannot be made through a magic combination of cooperation, skill and persistence, and IMO is a prime example in that regard.

Happy birthday IMO, I have never seen a better looking, more vital and more committed 70 year old.