If You Build It They Will Come


The movie Field of Dreams was a little too dreamy for me, but the main line of the movie: “If you build it they will come”, never quite left me. In some cases it actually could be true.

Within the office we have discussed using EV’s for company cars a number of times. While we have come quite close, for random reasons not significant to this story, we have not quite crossed that bar. I drive a plug in Hybrid Chrysler Pacifica with 33 mile battery range. I love the car and much prefer it in electric mode. I drive about half my miles in electric mode and when the engine kicks in I am somewhat frustrated. I installed a charger at my house, and figured we should have one at the office too. I don’t really need the charger at the office since the distance between my house and the office is only a few miles, but in this case the Field of Dreams line does provide some systems design guidance.

Here, a small upfront investment can make the difference. There is big difference between one of us at the office thinking: “Maybe I should get an EV” and “We have a charger at the office, why don’t I get an EV next”. I know that if Chrysler builds an all electric Pacifica with more than 300 miles range, I will order it sight unseen. It would be an excellent car for my needs.

Meanwhile if you drive an EV, stop by for a cup of coffee (COVID safe that is) and charge a bit.