Michael Raftery Joins Martin & Ottaway

By Rik van Hemmen

Michael RafteryIt is a pleasure to introduce Michael Raftery as a member of the M&O consultant team.

Mike is an ex-Navy SeaBee diver who studied Oceanography under the GI Bill. After graduation, he worked as a space launch manager and then obtained his Master’s Degree in Ocean Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology, where he performed cutting edge research and design on Wave Energy Recovery systems, ultimately culminating in the award of his patent on a novel wave energy recovery approach.

Over the years M&O has become continually more involved in ocean structures and sustainability issues. Mike’s background in ocean engineering and wave energy recovery will significantly enhance the depth of M&O’s knowledge and experience in those fields. He is still an active diver instructor and has vast experience in underwater installation and construction projects.

Besides working on the typical basket of M&O projects, Mike will be particularly active in the fascinating field of Ocean Wave Energy Recovery.

With increasing experience in wind and solar energy production, which has now made these energy sources commercially viable, the new frontier is ocean wave recovery because it provides much higher energy densities, and, therefore, much higher cost efficiency potentials than wind and solar. There is a lot of wave energy out there, but recovery is more complicated than installing windmills or solar panels. Mike’s experience and innovations point at an approach that will be cost effective, is scalable, and has no negative environmental impact. His blog further explains the approach.

M&O looks forward to being part of this new cutting edge in the use of the oceans in creating a better and more sustainable world.

As his resume shows, Mike’s background places him in a unique position to advance this innovative technology.