Oman Drydock Company

Over the years many Arabian countries have built drydock facilities to open new industries to help them steer away from a completely oil dependent economy. Oman is the latest entrant to the list with their brand new facility in Duqm. The facility has two 400,000 ton graven docks and will also soon add a floating drydock. The facility is within an entirely new harbor and is just gorgeous with beautiful workshops and even the retired Kungsholm as a hotel facility.

Our project, a catamaran ferry, was a little lost in the drydock, but it sure was nice to drive onto the dockfloor and to park the car well away from blasting dust and overspray. Oman is a very nice country and the location of the facility in the Indian Ocean provides it with a more suitable location as a general drydock facility than the more restricted locations in the Gulf.