An Unexpected Christmas Present

Over the years I try to write a blog around Christmas time that deals with the spirit of Christmas.

I have posted poems, art and stories, but this year a pass-it-forward present was dropped right into my lap.

On an anomalously warm December morning, I sat down at my desk, turned on my computer and quickly checked the news. Right on top there was the Christmas present: An international climate deal.

On December 13, 2015 the world agreed on a plan to deal with greenhouse gas emissions.

Whether we are climate change believers or not, the deal is great news for the world. It sets a clear goal and is signed on by all nations. Human wealth is created by cooperation with common goals, not by conflict. As such, the Apollo program generates more lasting wealth than a war. During this Christmas season the world just agreed to jointly accomplish a difficult goal.

The world diplomatic corps did a fantastic job in crafting this agreement, and now smart people everywhere get to work on projects that will benefit us all.

It will not be easy, but if it ain’t difficult to do, it ain’t worth doing.

Peace and Goodwill to All!