The First Principles of Tanker P&I Surveys

“Tanker Surveys (Oil Carriers) – Inspection from a P&I Surveyor’s Perspective”

Authors:  Wayne Thomas and Pierce Power

Published in The American Club “Currents” Issue Number 25, November 2007

P&I condition surveys predate most of the large number of vetting surveys that ships are subjected to today.  For all these surveys there is an underlying theory and practice that meets the realities of ship operations.  While it is possible to fill in a checklist for anything, the real test asks: Does an experienced surveyor think this vessel is a reasonable proposition in today’s market?

This paper touches on the basics; from that point on it only becomes more complex.

To download the full paper click this link:  Tanker_Surveys_Inspection_from_a_P&I_Surveyor’s_Perspective