Recent Change in 1000 Years of Change

“The Changing Role of the Average Adjuster”

Author:  Henk van Hemmen

Published:  September 30, 1998

Henk van Hemmen discusses changes in the marine industry and how it affects average adjusters.

Papers discussing change are often difficult to judge.  Is what we see at any point in time really transforming or simply today’s impression of what in reality is nothing more than constant and eternal change?  However, with the passage of time, it sure looks like the industry was subjected to a very significant transformation in the last three decades of the millennium.

Regardless, if one were to transport an average adjuster from the Middle Ages to today, while the ships and the policies will have changed, the principles have pretty much stayed the same.  Somebody got it right so many centuries ago.

To download the full paper click this link:  Changing_Role_of _the_Average_Adjuster