Fast temporary repairs

Pier-side ship repair firms are known to excel at assisting their clients under unusual circumstances. Take the photo above as an example.

The General Cargo vessel suffered a breach to her hull as a result of a collision with a barge being pushed by a tugboat in the Chesapeake Bay.

It was a cold and windy December when we arrived to witness the repairs on behalf of the barge owners.

A local repair firm was contracted to carry out temporary repairs to the side shell plating so that the vessel could sail in order to meet its cargo commitments. Mobilization by the local repair firm was swift and arrangements were made to gain access to the hard to reach damage at the turn of the stern. The speed and efficiency with which the temporary repairs were accomplished was appreciated by those concerned and it was heartening to note that the vessel owners engaged a capable repair firm with a can-do attitude.

It’s also important to note that worker’s safety should be paramount in everyone’s mind. At the time this casualty occurred, hypothermia would have been an issue if someone accidentally fell into the bay.

We suggested life jackets be worn and safety harnesses with lanyards to the main deck might not have been a bad idea either.

Let’s be safe out there!