A Holiday Gift

Holiday presents are always difficult to choose. I suppose a present is a two way street; it should delight the gift giver and the gift receiver equally. To find something that fits that bill is always a challenge.

Then to choose a Holiday present that suits everybody and that can be delivered over the internet is even more difficult.

In thinking about that I am giving all our friends and clients all over the world at land and sea a copy of David JC McKay’s book “Sustainable Energy, without the Hot Air”.

This book is one of those rare instances where a person has worked very hard at laying the groundwork for rational analysis of the choices our world faces with regard to sustainable energy.

It is also a memorial to a human who should be an example to us all. A person who expended the energy to provide us all with a truthful and technical framework from where we can build and learn to solve our problems.

David McKay may not have all the answers (and he may have missed some technical details) but he provides a truthful groundlayer from where we can start to solve our problems.

To pick up your free copy go to:

I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Peace, Rational Analysis and Goodwill to all, everywhere.