Baby It’s Cold Out There

Maybe I am getting old, or maybe I am getting less stupid.

But looking out of the aft cabin hatch for a quick run from Slaughter Beach to a ship at Big Stone Anchorage, I did worry a little about the ice building up on deck.

I started thinking, “Am I nuts? Are we all nuts for doing this?”

Ice building on deck, freezing water, a down wind trip so the waves will be bigger at the ship, and the return trip is in the dark.

All that worrying was for nothing. The Delaware Bay Launch driver was an artist with throttles and rudder and the railings were exactly in the right position on the launch and on the gangway.

Wait ……,

be patient…..,

here we are even and without a gap, step, always three point contact,

and up the gangway while avoiding that greasy stretch along the hoist wires.

No problem at all.

It went just as well on the way back.

Thanks Messrs. Launch driver and crew, and ship’s crew.

Hopefully skill and caution will keep us all safe in 2018.