Big Load Afloat

As a company maybe we love salvage more than anything else, but load outs must come in as a very close second.

There is something special about showing up somewhere, where it is too hot, too cold or too dark and to work with true professionals in the form of riggers, equipment operators, barge operators, engineers, welders and tug boat crews and, together, to plan, review, and execute something unique that exists for just a few days and then disappears.

But meanwhile we moved hundreds of tons with cranes, transporters and barges, up hills, through swamps and over obstacles, floated things that are not really meant to float, struggled with the tides, and puzzled through unexpected problems.

When we start we are often strangers, but we all want it to work right and we have to depend on each other to get it to work right. And when we are done, we go back to our regular work.

Generally there are no big parties when the project is completed; just a quick exchange like: “Thanks, it was great, hope to work with you again soon.”

You bet!