MAX1 Studies OWS Conference Speakers Announced

The program for the MAX1 Studies conference in Wilmington, NC on June 23 and 24, 2105 is now in place and it has met its goal of trying to make the tent as big as possible. At the conference there will be points of view from different owner, regulatory, equipment, enforcement, training, operator, manager, design and crew representatives, running the gamut from very senior personnel to junior personnel in the trenches. There will be reviews of OWS and bilge water management approaches in government vessels, cruise vessels, offshore vessel and deep water vessels, and analyses of what works and what has shown to be less successful.

The conference format promises to be very innovative with the intent to generate and capture wide points of view, and to be able to access and collect data and survey results on the fly during the conference. The conference results will be incorporated into the final report that will be provided to IMO. The conference will be a unique opportunity to join an effort that will generate results that will have a direct impact from IMO regulatory efforts down to the engine room floor plates.

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