MAX1 Studies: Please Take the Survey to Build Knowledge of OWS and OCM

When we were asked to look at OWS effectiveness by NFWF, one of the tasks we proposed was the development of a survey to obtain more information of actual OWS and shipboard waste management. With input of the research team (made up of all types of stakeholders in our industry), we have now developed the survey and invite everybody in the marine industry to take it.

Go to:

It is entirely anonymous and therefore we ask everybody to provide their best answers. If you want to be provided with the survey results, and look at other components of the study, be sure to visit the MAX1studies website and to sign up. Signing up is completely free, independent and unconnected to the answers you supply to the survey.

Since we performed a less refined but similar survey in 2011 it will be interesting to see how the responses will vary. Possibly things have gotten better, or maybe not.

This time around we hope to get many more respondents and we ask that you forward this blog through social media or organizational websites to get it in the hands of as many maritime people as possible. Please note that we were contacted by NFWF because, as a company, we have always very strongly focused on finding solutions that work best for crews and shipowners. But we cannot provide the best possible solutions without the input of the entire maritime community, especially shipowners/managers and crews and therefore we need your help in responding on the survey, it will take less than 20 minutes and will make everybody smarter.

To join in on this project or to simply stay up to date with new findings go to: