Is This What the Future Will Be?

“Marine Insurance Claims in the Coming Millennium”

Author:  Pierce Power

Published:  1997

When Pierce Power was asked to provide comments about the future in his 1997 paper “Marine Insurance Claims in the Coming Millennium,” he did what all Martin & Ottaway consultants do; he ran his ideas by the other consultants in the office.

Wondering about the future quickly became a running commentary at the office, and this 2997 paper was the result.  It proves two things: papers by committees result in strange sausage and many fertile minds can create things that maybe are not that crazy after all.

Global warming anyone?  Meteor strikes? Aerial general average?  A Pangalactic Association of Average Adjusters?  Rising sea levels?  So far we are pretty much on track. And we are sure Scotty will be one of our consultants.

To download this more imaginative version click this link:  Millennium_097