Lunch + Learn

These are some powerpoint summaries of lectures that were provided by Martin & Ottaway personnel and that may be of interest.

Some of these lectures were provided at seminars or client training sessions while some were provided as pro-bono efforts or industry support functions.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to present these lectures in person.

Environmentally Sound and Sustainable Ferry Design

(PowerPoint presentation prepared by Rik van Hemmen and Kathryn Chaffee for the SNAME meeting in Philadelphia, February 18, 2015) (Click here for PDF version without animation)

System Design for Meeting New and Existing International Regulations. (PowerPoint prepared for the October 2012 presentation of this paper)

How does being afloat affect human beings? (Presentation prepared for the Waterpod project that discusses the behavior of humans once they are afloat) (See expanded version here)

The Maritime Angle (Presentation prepared for the 2011 New Jersey Charter School Association annual conference, explaining the benefits of maritime concepts in education)

Game Theory for the Marine Professional (Presentation for the January 2014 NY SMPE, SNAME, IMarEST joint meeting, providing an introduction to game theory concepts)

STEMPHLA (Presentation prepared for the 2012 New Jersey Charter School Association annual conference, describing innovative cross disciplinary educational concepts)

Zen and Naval Architecture (How to become a Naval Architect in 60 minutes)

Martin & Ottaway specifically retains all rights to these presentations.