The Search for Oil Spill Data

“The Search for Oil Spill Data”

Author:  Rik van Hemmen

Published:  Spring 2016 issue of Soundings

A 2014 article in the US Navy Proceedings appeared to indicate that ship operations constitute a significant portion of all the oil that is released into the seas. The numbers did not make sense and one of our interns hunted down the source of this information. The information source was found to be a 2003 National Academy of Sciences paper and no more recent data could be found.

The blog on his work led to further contact with the National Academy of Sciences and efforts to update the information. This ASA Soundings article discusses the maritime industry’s success at reducing operational pollutions, further outlines the issues, and notes that the National Academy of Sciences is starting to organize an update of the 2003 study.

To download the article click this link: The_Search_for_Oil_Spill_Data