New York City Circa 1904

Next month Martin & Ottaway will be honored by the Society of Marine Port Engineers at their annual dinner dance. In preparation for an article chronicling the history of the firm, which will appear in the dinner program journal, some interesting historical documents and photographs were discovered while examining our old records. A few of the photographs uncovered have some historical significance and we shall endeavor to sort through them and post the ones that are the most interesting.

Once in a while our friends and colleagues provide us with a fascinating link into the past through the web. A particularly interesting site that has turn of the century photographs is called Shorpy’s. One can spend hours browsing their many historical photographs. My current favorite is a 3-pane composite panorama shot of the Troy Line and White Star Line piers in New York City that was taken circa 1904 with the RMS Baltic in the center.

The original sized panorama photo can be found at this link.

One of the remarkable advantages of the web is the ease of access to historical information and we hope to add and contribute to this collection soon. In the mean time, if you happen to have an hour or so of your time to spare and you like looking at old photographs, then I would highly recommend Shorpy’s site to those that are unfamiliar with its many treasures.