Maxi Taxi

The marine industry is incredibly dynamic, and of all its innovative concepts, most probably, containerization has been the most world altering maritime innovation. Peculiarly, the system benefits and efficiencies of containerization have been ignored in road transportation.

Maxi Taxi is a design exercise that mimics the standardization benefits of the international shipping container as applied to road transportation and thereby if carefully implemented can achieve astonishing improvements in road transportation efficiencies and effectiveness.

The exercise investigates how developing technologies can result in major sociological changes and how developing technologies, regulations and standardizations can affect humanity for the better or, if not carefully designed, result in further failed technologies or inabilities to increase efficiencies.

For a powerpoint on the subject go to: Benefits of Standardized People Transportation in Maritime





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It is a systems design exercise discussed in multiple blogs and addresses today’s sustainability and environmental concerns through the exercise.

At this time the following subject have been addressed in the blogs:

1.  System Concept

2.  Standardization Approach

3.  The Effect of Dimensional Constraints

4.  Automated Driving

5.  Negative Effects of Increasing Efficiencies

6.  Hyperloop and Maxi Taxi

7.  Keeping the Fun in the Maxi Taxi system

8.  A Five Foot Wide Solar RV

9.  Five foot wide cars already exist by the millions

10. Hydrogen fuel for Maxi Taxis (a guest blog)

11. Convoy Fuel Efficiencies

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